Our History

Our company’s origins lie in a store called “Kondou Tansu Ten,” a store established during the Taisho Era (1912-1926) that specialized in “tansu” or Japanese chests of drawers. Prior to that, we managed “Fukujutei,” a Japanese restaurant based in Tamachi, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture.

With the establishment of Kondo Tansu Ten, we moved to our company’s present location in Honchodori. Thereafter, Kondo Tansu Ten was known as “Kondo Kagu,” a total furniture and interior decoration store managed by the Kondo family’s older generations and patronized for many years by our customers. Our current president returned to his hometown 25 years ago and established “Heart Collection Casa” as an extension of Kondo Kagu.

Heart Collection Casa carries imported items, ceramics and other stylish goods which can be used as birthday/anniversary gifts, and wedding/memorial souvenirs.

In 2013, Heart Collection Casa’s name was changed to “& Casa by interior KONDO.” We will continue in our efforts to provide goods and services that our customers sincerely delight in.

customer file (Fukujutei)

customer file (Fukujutei)

nest of boxes of Fukujutei

nest of boxes of Fukujutei

Logo mark of Fukujutei

Logo mark of Fukujutei

Our Company Philosophy

In addition to other products and services, we aim to offer decidedly unique furniture honoring Japanese hospitality, aesthetics, skills and creativity to a wider customer base.

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